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There are a number of tools and resources that support chaplains dealing with the difficulties of Law Enforcement. Within this section you will find a reviewed and approved listing of materials and links. Please look through the material and utilize anything that would help you more effectively deal with situations within your agency. In addition, this is a dynamic resource page.  You can click on the suggested material tab to recommend material not listed.

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Answering 911, Life in the Hot Seat
by Caroline Burau

Applied Psychology for Law Enforcement
by Robert J. Wicks

Beyond the Badge
by Charles Ferrara, Ret. Lt. NYPD

Chaplaincy in Law Enforcement
by David W DeRever et al.

Get a Grip–overcoming stress in the workplace
by Bob Losyk

I love a Cop
by Ellen Kirschman, Ph.D

Life Strategies
by Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D

Living a Gentle Passionate Life
by Robert J. Wicks

Mastering Law Enforcement Chaplaincy
by Dr. David J. Fair, C.T.S.

A guide for police chaplains.
Police Wife

Riding the dragon
by Robert J Wicks

Self Matters
by Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D

Self Matters Companion
by Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D

Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement
by Rabbi Cary A. Friedman

Stress Management
by Charlesworth & Nathan Ph.D

The  Peace Maker
by Ken Sande

The Police Officers Bible
The Power of Humor in the Workplace

The Resilient Clinician
by Robert J. Wicks

Under the Headset
by Richard Behr

Law Enforcement Funeral Manual
by William Sanders

Emergency Response to Crisis
by Jeffrey T. Mitchell & H.L.P. Resnik

By the Numbers: A Guide for Analyzing Race Data from Vehicle Stops
by Lorie A. Fridell

“…officer down, code three.”
by Pierce R. Brooks

Criminal Interrogation
by John Macdonald M.D. and David L. Michaud

Extreme Evil: Kids Killing Kids
by Bob Larson

Force Under Pressure: How Cops Live and Why They Die
by Lawrence N. Blum, Ph.D

The Leadership Moment
by Michael Useem

The Gift of Fear
by Gavin de Becker

Operational Mid-Level Management for Police
by John L. Coleman

Courageous: Honor Begins at Home
by Randy Alcorn

A Cop’s Life
by Sgt. Randy Sutton

The Power of Humor at the Workplace
by K. Sathyanarayana

Community Policing: How to Get Started
by Robert Trojanowicz and Bonnie Bucqueroux

Police Cars: A Photographic History
by Monty McCord

Street Survival: Tactics for Armed Encounters
by Ronald J. Adams, Thomas M. McTernan and Charles Remsberg

The Tactical Edge: Surviving High-Risk Patrol
by Charles Remsberg

Tactics for Criminal Patrol: Vehicle Stops, Drug Discovery and Officer Survival
by Charles Remsberg

Identifying the Lessons Learned from the Sniper Investigation
by Gerard Murphy and Chuck Wexler

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Concerns of Police Survivors
Camdenton, MO

National Police Suicide Foundation
Robert E. Douglas, Jr.
Executive Director
Pasadena, Maryland

The Badge of Life
Psychological Survival for Police Officers
Go to the resource link –a bunch of videos.

The Central Florida Police Stress Unit
A telephone hotline for officers under stress and provides information and in-service training on a variety of issues.

A hotline for LE Officers and their families.
The National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

QPR Triage by Cophealth.com
The Law Enforcement Wellness Association in association with QPR Institute developed this Triage concept.  A one day training program for police officers who are in the position to identify, screen and refer persons who may be exhibiting suicidal behavior or otherwise be at risk of suicide.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

National Center for Injury Prevention and Control

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-(TALK) (8255)

Suicide Prevention Action Network

American Police Chaplains Association

Pointman Leadership

Christian Law Enforcement

Centurion Law Enforcement

Ten Four Ministries

Fellowship of Christian Police Officers

Shielded Hearts
We currently have just over 130 members, all police wives and girlfriends, representing several departments throughout the metro Milwaukee area. As we embark on this journey together, hopefully we can learn what it truly means to be women with Shielded Hearts.

Operation Safety 91

Peace Officers Ministries

Reaching COPS.com

West Coast Trauma Retreats

First Responder Support Network
First Responder Support Network


  • Spirituality, Wellness & Vitality Issues in Law Enforcement Practices
    Samuel Feemster (Lectures and training for the mind, body & spirit)
  • Emotional Survival of Law Enforcement
    Dr. Kevin Gilmartin
  • Law Enforcement Peer Support Programs
    Presented by the Las Vegas PD
    PEAP –Police Employee Assistance Program
  • It Really Doesn’t Matter Anymore
    Understanding burnout and the Law Enforcement Officer
    Sgt. Harvey Burnett, Ph. D.
    Grand Rapids Michaigan
Other Resources
Rocky Mountain Resources
Counseling Services Rehabilitation Centers