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Sleep. How Important is it?

“Sleep loss will leak down into every nook and cranny of your physiology,” he said. “Sleep, unfortunately, is not an optional lifestyle luxury. Sleep is a nonnegotiable biological necessity. It is your life support system.”

According to neuroscientist Matthew Walker, I’m doing serious damage to my health—and life—by not sleeping enough.

I’ve been reading, wondering and examining the issues of sleep in our Law Enforcement world. There are many studies and solid research around the benefits of sleep and the overwhelming negative consequences of lack of sleep. God has designed sleep for a reason. We must trust His design and purpose. And we need to practice this important discipline within our lives as Chaplains. Being on call 24/7 is the reality that will impact your sleep patterns. Here’s an interesting article that highlights this issue.

Just something to chew on and consider.

Are you sleeping enough? What can you do to positively transform your sleeping patterns?

Are your Officers sleeping enough? How can we impact our LE culture to value sleep?