Rocky Mountain Police Chaplains
Serving Those Who Serve Us



Chaplaincy is, as the adage goes, a ministry of presence. A big part of doing your job is just being around. (I know what some of you are thinking: “Being a round… what?” Listen, my circular friend, just put down the donut and keep reading.)

Being present is Ministry 101, no matter who you’re serving or how. But it’s all the more important when your ministry is to police officers. Cops are suspicious by training and by experience. “What’s your angle?” is the first question you face when you meet an officer for the first time. One of the best ways to show you’re for real is just being there. Often. With no agenda. 

The ministry of presence requires the same mindset you bring to paying a life insurance policy. You make lots of little investments now, not for yourself but with the wellbeing of other people in mind, knowing there might be a day in the future when they will be really glad you did. (But in this case, it’s not after you’re dead. Big difference!) Invest time now so you can do some good for these men and women when they need you later.  

We’re glad you’re reading this blog. Keep coming back! But it’s time to quit reading and get over to the PD, where you can do some real good just by hanging around. 

By Josh Waltz

Parker Police Chaplain