Rocky Mountain Police Chaplains
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Post 2019 RMPC Annual Meeting

April 2019 the Rocky Mountain Police Chaplains hosted our 5th Annual Meeting. This was the biggest and most attended event to date. To begin with, thank you to everyone who attended, help plan and presented.

I made the decision to focus our energy this year in a growing area of concern. Mental Health and the pragmatic approach to dealing with this significant need within each and every Law Enforcement Agency RMPC represents. The best and most respected individuals in the field of mental health gave their time to education, partner and pledge collaboration with the role of chaplaincy. I believe that we must follow Christ’s example and at times address the physical and in this case psychological needs of our officers and their families. It is imperative for the Chaplain to be well versed and knowledgeable about psychological first aid as much as physical first aid. It is also important for the Chaplain to understand their role as Ambassadors of Hope and the Representative of the Divine. Leave the mind stuff to the professionals but also be capable of identifying wounds sustained from mental trauma as easily as a leg wound requiring a tourniquet and CELOX RAPID wound packing material.

We, as Chaplains, have a unique role. I want to continue to sharpen the tip of our spears and be prepared for every situation and circumstance. Nothing should surprise us. We will continue to hold ourselves accountable to learn and expand the opportunities to engage and address the Spiritual role that we oversee within our assigned agencies.

kevin shive