Kevin Shive in an interview about Police Chaplaincy in our area with Tom Moller.  It aired on 94.7 KRKS 11 Feb ’17.

RMPC History

Rocky Mountain Police Chaplains was established January 2014 from a vision to unify Police Chaplains within this region of the United States.  The vision to create collaborative and interactive relationships has formed because of the necessity to organize our efforts and resources.  We grew from the need to support and serve our Law Enforcement Community.

RMPC Mission

  • Connect & organize current Chaplains.
  • Develop trusting relationships..
  • Equip and train with excellence & consistency.
  • Assist in the development of new programs.
  • Prepare for large multi-agency crisis response.


Chaplains should be a vital aspect of each and every Law Enforcement agency.

Chaplains should be trusted and valued by their respected agencies.  The Chaplain’s relationships with Officers, Support Staff and Families should be a priority through their daily activity and interaction.  Because of these trusted and valued relationships, the Chaplains should be the individuals that are relied upon in moments of crisis.

Chaplains should be capable of providing safe and confidential support in both preventative interaction and in the midst of the challenging situations and circumstances that will impact every member of the Law Enforcement world.

RMPC Vision

Unifying Police Chaplains within the Rocky Mountain Region.

Our Vision as Chaplains

Serving those who serve us.

Recent Tweets

  • Excellence in training

    • RMPC has developed a Rocky Mountain Chaplain Training Standard.  This clearly defines basic level training expectations as well as ongoing training levels for all Chaplains.
    • Chaplains must be prepared for every situation.
    • All active Chaplains should be trained to an appropriate level of competence.
  • Accountability

    • RMPC will provide additional accountability within agencies.  We will not replace the primary accountability structure within current agencies but will provide ongoing and additional connection points for chaplains.
    • This accountability will ensure ongoing growth, consistent expectations and maintain a high level of maturity and character for individual chaplains.
  • Collaborative Efforts

    • RMPC is a collaborative group of chaplains currently serving  Law Enforcement agencies.
    • This is founded on the “more minds are better than one” idea.  The goal is to constantly provide shared materials, resources, personnel and training.
    • A shared resource mindset will increase our effectiveness as we serve our Law Enforcement community.
  • Assistance with program development

    • RMPC can assist with the development of new chaplain programs.
    • We will provide needed guidelines, structure and strategy to initiate an effective chaplain program.  Every agency is different and every agency will have a unique culture.
    • However, there are always specific non-negotiables in the establishment of a chaplain program.
  • Large Crisis Response Support

    • RMPC will come alongside participating chaplains to support and serve them and their agency in the midst of a large crisis incident.  This response is specific to Law Enforcement personnel and their families.
    • When a crisis requires more assistance than current chaplain teams can manage, we will be available, upon request, to respond with known and qualified RMPC affiliated chaplains.

About Us

We are a group of like-minded Police Chaplains serving together in a common effort.

RMPC has an acting Advisory Board of established leaders.

From State Patrol, County Sheriff Office, Large City and Small City Chaplains form the foundation of our accountability and leadership team.

Leadership and Advisory Board

Golden Police Department     Kevin Shive – Lead Chaplain & Executive Director

Boulder County Sheriff’s Office     Andy Wineman – Lead Chaplain

Denver Police Department    Dr. Jack Pope – Lead Chaplain

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office      Tim Ralph – Lead Chaplain

Littleton Police Department     Travis Akins – Lead Chaplain

Wheat Ridge Police Department     Scott Moore – Lead Chaplain

Aurora Police Department     Andrew Wasmundt – Lead Chaplain

Crisis Response Ready

Chaplains serving chaplains.

This will be utilized when a crisis occurs within an agency and the established chaplains need additional assistance with their Law Enforcement team.

Our goal is to provide supportive response to affiliated RMPC chaplains dealing with a large crisis situation within their area of influence.

What Others are Saying…

Bill Kilpatrick

Since inception, the chaplaincy program has simply been amazing. The rapport Kevin, Dan, Bethany and John have developed with our members and the community is awe inspiring. The chaplain’s commitment to our team when they are in a time of need or just need someone to talk to is ever present.  They have become a part of the organization that is relied upon and respected. We’re exceptionally happy that they are here.

Bill KilpatrickChief of Police | Golden
Detective Jamie Guess

Our core group of Chaplains are amazing! When things get tough, they help you remember you’re still human behind the badge you wear. They brighten your day by simply checking in to see how things are going and they are there to celebrate the blessings in your life. Our Chaplains have been a life saver for me on more than one occasion. I can’t imagine the police life without them.

Detective Jamie GuessGolden Police Department
Sergeant Ryan Custer
  •  In law enforcement we are terrible at trusting others and taking care of our own emotional well being. Our chaplains take care of both. They have earned our trust and know how to get us to take care of ourselves. It’s nice to know there’s someone who really does have my back when it comes to my personal well being and that of my family and my brothers and sisters on the job.
  •  The Chaplaincy program has become such an integral part of our agency. They are our own personal advocates for our emotional well being. They not only take care of us, they make sure we are taking care of ourselves.
  •  It’s nice to know there is someone I can speak to about the problems and traumas associated with law enforcement. Someone I can trust who truly knows what law enforcement is about.
Sergeant Ryan CusterGolden Police Department
Sergeant JD Jepkema

“From my perspective the Chaplain Unit has proven to be a tremendous resource for our organization, providing outstanding support for SWAT and Patrol alike. Thanks again for your responsiveness to our needs.”

Sergeant JD JepkemaWheat Ridge PD